LAHORE - A foreign airline, Eritrean, is misleading passengers by announcing low fares for Dubai and Saudi Arabia from Pakistan which is an eyewash according to travel agents, an officebearer of travel agents association said on Friday. He said that there was no seat available against low fare announced by the airline management by January 7, 2012 but passengers were demanding and they were not ready to even purchase the tickets of other airlines, arguing that they only need low fare ticket. He said that the airline has announced the low fare only on the basis of four-five seats available in each flight in Q class whereas the fare of its next L class was not less than any other competitive airline. The sources claimed that notable thing in fare policy of the airline is that its lowest basic return fare for Lahore-Asmara-Jeddah is Rs10, 000 excluding all taxes but amazingly it jumps up to Rs40, 000 in next L class that is not being exercised in other airlines. They increase their fares gradually. In next all classes of the airlines including L, M, B, Y, C and D fare of the Eritrean airlines comes at par with the other airlines and some times it goes higher than the other airlines. Sources claimed that said airline was publicising its fares for Dubai and Jeddah from Pakistan in local newspapers wherein it has offered lowest fares like Rs14,640 return ticket for Dubai from Karachi inclusive all taxes, similarly Rs18, 170 would be charged for Dubai as return ticket. The airline claimed in the advertisement that there would be four weekly flights from Karachi and four from Lahore. A travel agent said that service of the airline was also poor since it operates on transit sector and some time it has no connecting flight within given time and hotel was also not being given to passengers. Giving reference of a flight operating from Jeddah for Pakistan, the travel agent said that the flight would operate from Jeddah on March 17, 2012 at 7:00 am of local time of KSA and would arrive Asmara at 8:35 and next connecting flight would be available on March 18, next day and during this no hotel facility would be given to passengers. The travel agent said that there was no connecting flight available in the system. Marketing Manager of the airline Shahid Chaudhry could not be contacted for the version despite repeated efforts by this scribe.