ABU DHABI - The journalists were again mistreated by the event manager of Sheikh Zayed Ground, Fahd, who previously misbehaved with the journalists during the 5th ODI. Fahd was standing at the main entrance and when the vehicle of some journalists reach their and tried to enter the parking area this guy not only stopped them from entering the ground as he told them that there is parking sticker on their vehicle and when the journalists asked him that it is the PCB responsibility to provide them these things. Fahd was not ready to listen any argument and forced the journalists to park their vehicles far from the site of ground, and to make things even worse when the journalists tried to contact PCB officials who were supposed to be present their and help out the people there was no body to listen to their grievances as the cell phone of Usman Walia, PCB Media Manager was powered off. Fahd took full advantage of the situation and started to literally abusing not only the journalists but also use very abusive language against Pakistan and said go and do whatever you Paki people. It is interesting to mention here that this guy is also from the same country but he doesn't care about what he is doing and continue to bring bad name for not only himself but for the country too. Is there anyone who can rein this guy and give him an exemplary punishment as he is continuing to widen the gap between the board and media?