MINGORA Peshawar High Court, Chief Justice, Dost Muhammad Khan has said that Shariah has fully been enforced in Malakand division and people were benefiting from it, as they are provided with speedy justice in the local courts. He said lawyers played a vital role in the society. He said when Swat was ruled by militants courts, the justice system was shattered. He said Swat lawyers played an ingenious role at that crucial time. He was addressing to Swat lawyers in Swat Bar Hall, Mingora, on Friday. Earlier, the PHC CJ was warmly welcomed on his arrival by the members of Swat Bar Association. During his impressing speech, he appreciated the efforts of lawyers. He said provision of justice was imperative for the society, as if there was no justice there would be no harmony in the society. He said the job of judges and lawyers was the same in the sense that both tried to give and seek justice. He said they should jointly strive hard to ensure the fruits of what he called jihad (struggle for providing masses with justice). Denouncing the emergency rule imposed in the country on November 3, 2007, by the then president, the PHC CJ said it was dictatorial and unconstitutional act and the lawyers protest and long march against the black law with the help of media ensured rid of it. Chief justice added that administering justice without lawyers is not possible so the role of lawyers is imperative for administration of justice. The PHC CJ praised the beauty of Swat, saying that when he visited the valley along with his family he got amazed seeing the beauty of the land. He vowed that he would consult the commissioner and DCO for the development of the valley, as it was truly the paradise on the earth. SBA President Asghar Khan thanked PHC CJ Dost Muhammad Khan who accepted their invitation wholeheartedly and paid visit to Swat bar. He recorded SBA problems before the CJ. The PHC CJ gave approval to constructing a shelter for Swat bar parking area in addition to a library for lawyers. He vowed that as soon as he returns to Peshawar, he would pass order the appointment of family judge in district courts of Swat. He said he would discuss establishing a lawyer colony for SBA with Chief Justice of Pakistan.