OUR STAFF REPORTER RAHIM YAR KHAN Punjab Local Government Secretary, on the report of Anti-Corruption Establishment (ACE), terminated nine employees of RY Khan Tehsil Municipal Administration (TMA) on the charges of embezzlement worth Rs140 million and ordered to recover the money. The sacked officers, Finance Officer Tariq Mehmood, Chief Officer Abdul Ghaffar, Sanitary Officer Abdul Qadeer, Sanitary Inspector Akbar Ali, Cashier Rafique Tahir, Accounts Clerk Bashir Ahmed, Accounts clerk Mohammad Ilyas and employees Babar Sadique and Zulfiqar Ali, were involved in the embezzlement in salaries of TMA employees. After a long investigation, ACE submitted the report to the Local Government Secretary who conducted inter-departmental inquiry and terminated aforesaid employees from service. In 2005 during the period of PML-Q Tehsil Nazim Makhdom Syed Alambardar Hussain Hashmi, this scandal of corruption was disclosed by former Tehsil Municipal Officer Qazi Abdul Jameel. According to sources, in 2005 some employees of Audit Department were spared from this scandal by greasing the palms of high-ups. Killer of brother-in-law held: Sohdra Police Friday arrested a killer who had murdered his brother-in-law three days ago. As per details, Qaisar killed his sisters husband over his drug addiction. Qaisar used to bar him from using drugs. On the day of incident, both quarrelled with each other on the aforesaid matter and Qaisar shot him dead.