ISLAMABAD - The political parties of the country have lauded the Supreme Court decision in which it has rejected the government's pleas to review the National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO) verdict. PML-N Spokesman Siddiq ul Farooq has said that the Supreme Court is a competent and only constitutional pillar of the state which can give final judgment and every sate organ or the department is bound to respect it and implement it. "We are happy that our stance against NRO has finally been proved right and judicious," he added. Rauf Hassan, a central leader of PTI, was of the view that the government should not go to Supreme Court for the NRO review when the Parliament had earlier rejected it. When it was also declared as black law by the apex court, then going for its review in court is un-understandable, he added. He was of the view that it was a delaying tactic from the government side, however, now there was no option and it would have to write a letter to the Swiss government regarding accounts in Switzerland. PPP MNA Nadeem Afzal Chan, however, said that the court should also notice the circumstances, which forced the government to go for review. Chan meanwhile also said that PPP respect the Court and its decisions.