KARACHI - The rejection of review petition in the National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO) was expected from the Supreme Court. Under Article 5 of Constitution, the judiciary has to treat all the political parties equally and provide justice to them. Former Senator and General Secretary of ruling PPP of Sindh chapter Taj Haider and Sindh Information Minister Shazia Marri stated this during their joint press conference at Media Cell of party in City on Friday. They said that the verdict came on the review petition of the Federal government on NRO was expected as 99 per cent petitions are rejected by the court usually. Taj Haider said that from its formation, the PPP has been facing the fake cases in the courts. He recalled that the courts were under pressure during the governments of Nawaz Sharif and Musharraf and initiated trial of Shaheed Benazir Bhutto and President Asif Ali Zardari in fake cases. He said no action was taken against them who made fake cases and wasted the time of courts. President Asif Ali Zardari and other Ministers remained in jails without any crime against them then why the courts took no action on this matter, PPP leader questioned and demanded that former head of NAB tried to kill Asif Ali Zardari in jail, but courts did not take any action against him as well. He said that millions of rupees were spent on fake cases against PPP leaders and demanded that apex judiciary should initiate trial of former chief of NAB Saifur Rehman. PPP leader defended the NRO, saying that reconciliation Ordinance was not for one persons or PPP leaders. He stated that Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif returned to the country due to NRO. Taj Haider remarked that the impression about the apex judiciary is increasing that it was playing a political role. To support his opinion, the PPP leader chose the comments of former President of Supreme Court Bar Association and Human Rights activist Asma Jehangir, who recently had claimed that country heading towards judicial Martial Law. He urged the apex court to act to take up important petitions including stay order in tax evasion against Nawaz Sharif and his brother, Asghar Khans petition about IJI formation and others pending over the last two decades be taken up for hearing. On this occasion, Sindh Information Minister Shazia Marri questioned that why cases pending against Nawaz Sharif and his family were not being taken up. She also questioned the stay order in a case of tax evasion worth over Rs 100 billion against Sharifs. 'President Zardari had suffered incarceration for 11 years, but fake cases filed during the Nawaz Sharif era still being continued and tried in the courts, she said. Shazia said they would not act like Sharifs by attacking the Supreme Court and follow the orders of Supreme Court.