The civilian politicians in Pakistan have little influence on the ubiquitous Pakistan Army, said the head of the US Homeland Security delegation to Pakistan Michael Mc Caul, during his visit to Islamabad in the second week of this November. He was responding to President Zardaris assurance to act against the militant Haqqani network in the countrys 'obstinate north-west tribal belt. Michael Mc Caul very ironically added to his statement by saying, It is unclear whether President Zardari has the power to fulfill his pledge. The statement of Michael Mc Caul proved a double-edged sword; on the one hand, it tried to defame the authority and resolve of the most prestigious office of president of Pakistan and on the other, it tried to disfigure the role of Pakistan army and portrayed it as an institution going against the democratic authorities of Pakistan. For the last many years the US officials and the US media, both have been trying their utmost to create misunderstandings between the democratic government of Pakistan and the most patriotic law-enforcing security agencies of Pakistan including the Pakistan army and the ISI. The US policymakers are striving to proliferate an impression that President Zardari is not the man in real driving seat; it is the Pakistan Army which calls the shots and manages the whole state of affairs in collaboration with the ISI. Be it the Pakistan army or the ISI or any other law-enforcing agency, the only aim and objective is to save and secure Pakistan from the clutches of all those forces whose target is to shatter the very foundations of Pakistan. All these institutions are very much professional and function on clear lines of action provided by the democratic government of Pakistan. Those who think that President Zardari is not 'the man in real driving seat are living in fools paradise. The people of Pakistan not only protest against such malicious acts of defamation but also out-rightly reject all allegations leveled against esteemed institutions like Pakistan Army and ISI as well as against the prestigious office of President of Pakistan. Such statements, as that of Michael Mc Caul, might be pleasing for the countries like India but in Pakistan such statements would simply add to the already increasing anti-US feelings and emotions throughout the Pakistani nation. PROFESSOR ALI SUKHANVER, Multan, November 22.