PESHAWAR - Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan said on Friday that he is in favour of early elections in the country, if transparent voters lists is ensured. He stated this while speaking at a news conference at the residence of Muhammad Saleem Jan, a grandson of Abdul Ghaffar Khan, nephew of Wali Khan and first cousin of ANP President Asfandyar Wali Khan, who alongwith his relatives formally joined the PTI. The elements who have dubbed me as Taliban Khan for favouring talks with Taliban, are now themselves holding talks with Taliban, he said. Coming down hard on PPP and PML-N leadership, PTI Chairman said that PML-N had protected the PPP government for the last three years. Sensing the situation that PTI was too much active and mostly criticising the government for its wrong policies, the PML- N also launched an agitation movement naming 'Go Zardari go but mostly, its leadership had criticised the PTI instead of PPP. 'Tickets for contesting coming elections would be awarded to neat and clean aspirants and those who have made their assets public, he said, adding, that PTI would not enter into electoral alliance with the party whose leadership had bank accounts and assets abroad. He said that he would make his assets public soon and the same would be done by the leadership of his party. He said they wanted a Pakistan that was free of US slavery and has free foreign policy. The grandson of Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan and first cousin of ANP chief Asfandyar Wali Khan, Saleem Jan, who on this occasion announced joining the PTI stating that he was too much impressed by PTI Chairman Imran Khan as he had the abilities to pull the country out of crisis and thats why he joined his party. Imran said President Zardari and Nawaz Sharif are playing last innings of the match and he would take both the wickets with one ball and they would have no more innings in future. Referring to Mian Nawaz Sharif, he said that how would he face the PTI, if he had failed to compete with the mosquitoes even. He said that PPP government had failed on all fronts. Both Nawaz and Zardari would be rejected in coming elections, he said. The breeze of a positive change is out and nobody can stop it, he said, adding, that after tsunamis in Lahore, Chakwal and now in Peshawar, another tsunami would come in Multan on Nov 26th and a huge tsunami is waiting in Karachi on December 25th. He said that he would eliminate politics of hatred from Karachi, because, PTI was going to build a new Pakistan, a Pakistan, where people have respect, job and peace. He said that PML-N was alleging that hidden hands were backing the PTI. He said that yes, 'Mian Nawaz Sharif is true in his assertion, because, his party has the hidden support of Almighty Allah. A huge gathering it was which was also attended by women, students and minorities members, who chanted slogans in the support of the PTI and at one stage, the participants of the whole gathering raised their hands up in the air when Imran Khan asked them that would they go with him if he give a call for marching towards Islamabad, upon which they said Yes. Besides others, the ex-PPP provincial Minister Iftikhar Jhagra while speaking on the occasion said that he had full confidence in his party leadership. He said that PTI would pull the country of the prevailing unrest and thats why people are joining it as they have pinned high hopes on it. He said that PTI would resolve all the issues being faced by them if it came into power in the coming elections.