LAHORE- The All Pakistan CNG Association (APCNGA) on Tuesday said CNG closure in Punjab for four months amounts to economic murder of millions of families. Rejecting the decision, Pervaiz Khan Khattak, Central Chairman APCNGA said that we will never accept a move aimed at pleasing few influential.

We will never accept the decision and resist the move with the help of masses and transporters, he said while speaking at a hurriedly called meeting. Pervaiz Khan Khattak said that masses cannot be cheated any more as they are aware of their rights.

How come some influential sectors are getting gas if it is as short as claimed by the government functionaries, he questioned.

Those who has held masses hostage having no inclination to pay any tax are being pleased at the cost of masses which is height of apathy, he noted.

Khattak said that no one would be allowed to snatch from the poor right to live, adding that CNG is as important as roti, kapra aur makan for tens of millions of labourers, transporters and commuters.

CNG owners have been pushed to the wall and they are selling their assets to remain afloat which cannot be tolerated any more, he warned.

The leader of the CNG sector said that we will go to any extent to get our rights which will save investments worth billions and hundreds of thousands of jobs.