The Board of Directors of PESCO, according to a news item, has approved the suggestion of printing the facsimiles of the reading of the electric meters on the monthly bills of the consumers. It is a consumer-friendly step for which PESCO should be appreciated. This step will further benefit the consumers. Over-billing complaints will totally end. PESCO authorities need to take one more step which will almost completely end the over-billing complaints. Removal of amount from the bills, after correction by the relevant authority, should be made an easy process. The current process of removal of the amount as a result of over-billing, or some mistake, is too complex, and tedious. In most cases it takes a lot of time, sometimes months, to remove this amount. The current trend is that the authorities stress that the consumers pay the bills and they promise that in future they will receive bill of small amount. PESCO can also improve by asking the consumers to list their problems on their web-site.


Charsadda, November 16.