Despite his ailment, Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) chief Dr Tahirul Qadri Tuesday vowed to continue his campaign, pledging to let the masses get their “snatched right.”

“Although my health doesn’t allow me to travel and address public meetings we have scheduled in various towns, I promise to comeback soon and be with you after my treatment in US,” said an apparently weak Qadri in a mild tone, while speaking to reporters in Bhakkar here on Tuesday.

The PAT chief, who retuned Pakistan from Canada last week to resume his anti-government campaign, is diagnosed with heart problems and high blood pressure, prompting him to curtail his political activities and plan to leave for US, but he promises to back home soon.

“I took medicines last night for high blood pressure and spent a sleepless night. Doctors have advised me to take a bed rest but it’s impossible in prevailing conditions,” he elaborated on his health.

Qadri claimed that teargas shelling on a protest he was leading in August in Islamabad’s Red Zone had destabilized his health, but he ignored treatment only to continue his struggle.

There were reports that riot police had used some expired and poisonous teargas shells to disperse protestors led by Qadri along with Imran Khan.

“This is a gift of Islamabad’s poisonous gas which has me brought to such circumstances... It affected my eyes and throat and now I have been diagnosed with heart ailment as well... But I deliberately ignored the treatment which might have taken my three to four months,” he said.

Qadri said that he would leave for US in couple of days and will be back soon to fight back.

“I will try my best to come back Lahore once getting the treatment. I will address all our rallies scheduled to be held in Karachi and South Punjab cities... I assure you that I will continue to fight for the rights of oppressed and poor masses of this country,” said the PAT chief.

Meanwhile, Dr Tahirul Qadri claimed that he wanted to liberate millions of Pakistan from enslavement of corrupt and oppressive rulers. Addressing the participants of a sit-in in Dule Wala, a village in Ferozpur Tehsil, the PAT chairman, “I fie on a system in which poor do not get justice and due rights,” he criticized.

The current system, he said, had made lives of poor miserable and hard-scrabble. The PAT chief said he would continue his struggle until people got their fundamental rights.

“It is extremely shameful that rulers spent millions on their dogs, but decline to give people their basic rights,” he slammed. Earlier, Dr Qadri was given a warm welcome on his arrival to Dule Wala.