ISLAMABAD - The federation on Tuesday informed the Supreme Court that the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, complying the apex court judgment on protection of minority rights, has approved reconstitution of the National Commission for Minorities.

A three-member bench headed by Chief Justice Nasir-ul-Mulk, heard the non-implementation of Supreme Court 19th June judgment on protection of minority rights. Dr Ramesh Kumar Vankwani, Patron Pakistan Hindu Council, who is also the MNA of PML-N, appeared before the court and informed that due to non-compliance of judgment, authored by ex-CJP Tassaduq Hussain Jillani, the Hindu community has been facing various problems. The chief justice asked him to submit his statement in writing.

Deputy Attorney General Sohail Mehmood, representing the federal government, filed the compliance report and informed that the commission had been constituted, which held its meeting on 13th November 2014. According to the report available with The Nation, in order to develop strategy of religious tolerance the task force established has been tasked to develop a national policy on inter-faith harmony and explore the avenues for peace and security.

The task force asked to examine laws, executive instructions, order procedural practices of the government or government agencies, autonomous and semi-autonomous bodies, and agencies, which are reported to be discriminatory towards the minorities.

It recommended taking steps for fuller and effective participation by members of the minority communities in all aspects of national life, in their religious and cultural festival and celebrations. "Look into the grievances and representation made by the members of any minority community to the government and after examination such grievances make suitable recommendations."

It also proposed to ensure the churches, shrines, temples, gurdwaras and other places of worships of the minority communities are preserved and well-kept in a functional condition. The commission with consensus may set additional objectives for itself and if required may consult legal and constitutional experts.

To consider the case of NOCs for the sale/purchase/transfer of communal properties of minorities as provided under the Protection of Communal Properties of Minorities Ordinance 2001, notified on 22nd February 2002.

Regarding the preparation of curricula at school and college levels for social and religious harmony, the deputy attorney general told that they have forwarded the order to Capital Administration and Development Division and the chief secretaries of all the provincial governments for compliance. The report said the Ministry of Interior and secretaries of all provinces had been directed to comply the court order on establishing special force with special training to protect the places of worship of minorities.

Regarding reservation of quota for minorities in federal and provincial services the order forwarded to Establishment Division, Evacuee Trust Property Board (ETPB) and the provincial government for compliance. The ETPB has enforced reserved quota for minorities in the service.

The report further says Ministry of Interior and provincial governments have been sent the order for taking protecting the places of worship of minorities and promptly taking action including registration of criminals against the delinquents.

During the proceeding, Dr Ramesh informed the federal and the provincial governments have not implemented the Supreme Court judgment. He said that the government departments did not hear their complaints; while in the 1973 Constitution the rights of minorities have been protected.

The court after hearing Dr. Ramesh and examining the federal government report issued notices to advocate general of all the provinces and adjourned the hearing till December 16.