ISLAMABAD - Though PTI is little hopeful that PAT would join its November 30 protest, it has invited Dr Tahirul Qadri’s party to join the public meeting to make it a big gathering and exert greater pressure on the government.

A leader of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) said they had formally invited Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PAT) to join their show as they needed more people to press the government to meet their demands, the major one being probe into the rigging of 2013 general elections.

A PTI source said that the party Core Committee in its last meeting, held at Bani Gala residence of party chief Imran Khan, had detailed discussion on the issue they should invite other political parties to the protest or not.

The Core Committee had decided that Dr Qadri should be invited, though the members were of the view that chances of PAT’s joining their show were slim. The committee also decided that their doors for all other political parties also would remain open to join the anti-government movement launched in protest against alleged massive rigging in general elections.

According to some media reports, Tahirul Qadri was facing heart problems and it is likely that he would shorten his scheduled stay in Pakistan and leave for Canada.

PTI and PAT had separately set off their marches on August 14 from Lahore to Islamabad to hold sit-ins there. Both had kept it secret that they had some kind of alliance or understanding to protest against the government which was revealed by later developments.

Both the parties on August 15 started their sit-ins near Aabpara Chowk of the capital and then they both moved to the Constitution Avenue the same night. The leaderships of the two parties remained in contact with each other during the sit-ins and Dr Qadri declared PTI workers ‘cousins’ of the his activists. He also announced that they would collectively continue their protests against the government.

However, later Tahirul Qadri silently ended PAT sit-in after Eidul Azha that sent a wave of unrest among the PTI ranks. PTI Chairman Imran Khan announced to continue their sit-in and it is still going on. The informal alliance of the two parties and their holding sit-ins at the same time had exerted much pressure on the government and the government felt a sigh of relief when Qadri ended his sit-in.

Now PTI again wants Qadri join its rally to increase the strength of the protesters but PAT chief is not looking interested this time as he was holding protest sit-ins and public meetings in the different cites of the Punjab where his followers are in large numbers. He has held his latest rally in district Bhakkar, where he is camped these days to participate in a sit-in of his party.