Rich tribute was paid to eminent mystic poet scholar, preacher of Islam in the subcontinent and author of renowned book of poetry “Saif-al-Malook” Hazrat Mian Muhammad Bakhsh (RA) during 13th Hazrat Mian Muhammad Bakhsh (RA) Conference held here the other night.

AJK Senior Minister Ch Muhammad was the chief guest at the conference which held under the auspices of Mian Muhammad Bakhsh Society Mirpur to commemorate the mystic poet scholar of Punjabi and Pahari languages.

AJK Auqaf Minister Wajidul Hassan, AJK PID (Information) Director Raja Azher Iqbal, Auqaf Secretary Syed Nazirul Hassan Gillani and eminent jurist Advocate Reaz Alam graced the occasion with their presence. City Administrator Alhaj Ghulam Rasool Awami chaired the ceremony.

Chairman Mian Muhammad Bakhsh Society Mirpur Baboo Muhammad Sideeque and Secretary General of the organization KD Chaudhry highlighted salient features of the conference, highlighting lifetime services of the veteran mystic poet scholar Mian Muhammad Bakhsh (RA) for preaching Islam and the high moral and human values.

Paying glowing tribute to Hazrat Mian Bakhsh, the senior AJK minister said that the mystic poet scholar, through his high poetic intellect and pen spread the message of harmony and brotherhood among humanity through the anthology of his poetry - “Saif-al-Malook” besides preaching and publications of teachings of Islam in the subcontinent and particularly in this region of the subcontinent.

Yasin said that best way to pay tribute to the personalities of high character and wisdom like Hazrat Mian sahib was to follow in their footsteps.

Other speakers including AJK Auqaf minister Wajidul Hassan, the PID Director, the Auqaf secretary and others paid rich tribute to Hazrat Mian Muhammad Buksh (RA) for his marvellous services to uphold and promote the teachings of Islam through his deep-rooted anthology especially the famous poetic collection of his high intellect - the ‘Saif al Malook’.

Several leading poets and the followers of Mian Sahib presented the mystic anthology from the world-fame poetic book ‘Saif-al-Malook’ of Mian Sahib (RA), depicting the respect, honour and sovereignty of human rights and values in the society.

On the occasion, eminent Na’at Khawan recited some verses from poetry of the great Saint and Arif-e-Khari Hazrat Mian Muhammad Bakhsh (RA).

The moot was followed by special sitting to read “Saif-al-Malook” wherein his admirers presented the “kalam” in most significant manner.

It is to be noted that that Sufi poets like Hazrat Mian Muhammad Bakhsh, not only mastered in religious faculty but had a deep and perfect understanding of the poetry, a poetry which springs from the soil of Punjab. The mystic poetry of Mian sahib is as much a literary classic as it is an embodiment of peoples’ feelings, their culture and whole concept of life. No wonder the music in Punjab is not only a solace to the soul but also a part of the devotion, of love and of a duty to the mystic and divine realm of one’s Guru or Master.

Mian Mohammad Bakhsh was the last Sufi poet of the Arabic-Persian tradition in Punjab. Born in 1824 at Khari Sharif in Mirpur district of Azad Jammu Kashmir, he got his education at the famous religious institution of Samar Sharif. After completing his education, he travelled all over the province to quench his thirst for knowledge. Later he returned to his native land and became a disciple of Sain Ghulam Mohammad.

His famous epic poem Safar-e-Ishaq popularly known as Saif-al-Muluk is written in the same atmosphere. The world-fame poem Saif-ul-Muluk holds a unique place. In this poem Mian Mohammad Bakhsh explains the spiritual secrets of the real love through a worldly love story. Mian Mohammad Bakhsh had an ample grasp over music which makes his diction highly mellifluous. Mian Muhammad Bakhsh died in 1907.