S:     I was just thinking Ameen, that if someone followed Imran Khan around with a camera, not only would it make for great reality TV, but he’d get a lot more votes.

A:     I for one would definitely not vote for him if he entertains such hot-air inspired ideas.

S:     No really, Ameen. Don't you kind of miss the dharna days? The songs, the kisses from the containers, the pomp and pageantry.

A:     Well I don’t. I mean I'm all for change but we need some peace and quiet in Islamabad, and secretly I was sick of the media making Imran out to be the messiah. It was a bit lopsided, don't you think?

S:     That's the difference between you and me Ameen. We both want the same things, but you want them to be boring! Plus, last I checked, weren't you a PTI supporter? I'd much rather see Imran as a celebrity, and not as my Prime Minister. It was entertaining!

A:     And I'm saying I wouldn't mind him as my Prime Minister, but I definitely despise the celebrity value attached to him. The idiot-box just doesn't stop.

S:     Hey, that's politics.

A:     No. It's just the media playing dirty. I do reserve that much objectivity of thought, even if I do support the PTI.

S:     So you're not a narrow minded, politically conservative bigot after all?

A:     You really aren't as funny as you think, you know. I'm making an important point here. I'm saying you can support a political party, but still not support it blindly. These are adult, democratic decisions. Frankly, the media circus has been abysmal. Quite off putting.

S:     That's what the media does as long as it's in the business. It has stakes in the system. Unfortunate reality. On principle, it's regrettable. In practice, perhaps it's inevitable.