LONDON - Former president Pervez Musharraf has said that treason charges against him were politically motivated and aimed at taking revenge from him for his October 1999 action.

In an interview to BBC, Musharraf said the treason charges were manicured and completely politicised. He said he was being targeted to take revenge from him for his 1999 action. He said he was convinced that finally it would be the victory of truth and justice. While returning to Pakistan, he knew well he would have to face a difficult situation, he said.

Answering a question, the former president said the Western democracy could not be implemented in Pakistan, but it would have to be tailored according to local culture and environment. He asserted that every country had its own problems and it had to deal with the situation according to its needs.

Musharraf said he strongly believed in democracy, but it could not be like UK and USA. He added that it would have to be moulded according to Pakistani culture. “We must be democratic. We must believe in democracy, but we must adopt democracy according to Pakistani environment,” he said.

About US drone strikes, the former president claimed he had allowed only one attack. “I am just saying that as we were shown evidence of a major militant attack, we agreed to it,” he said.

Regarding relations with India, Musharraf said he was not opposed to India, but firmly believed in protecting the interests of Pakistan. He said: “Taliban leader Mullah Omar was not and has never been in Pakistan.”

Musharraf revealed he had given green signal for one US drone strike. “I only gave permission once after we were shown evidence against a prominent militant group,” the former military ruler said.

Though Musharraf claimed he had allowed one drone attack, he admitted nine drone strikes were carried out during his tenure.

Musharraf has largely been held responsible for allowing the US drone campaign in the country’s semi-autonomous tribal areas, an accusation he always denied.

About his treason trial which has taken a new turn as a special court has directed the government to include the names of three senior ex-functionaries in the charge-sheet, Musharraf said the case was a ploy to avenge his overthrow of the Nawaz-led government.

“The charges are concocted and politicised,” he alleged, expressing the hope that in the end justice would prevail. The former military ruler claimed he knew he would likely to face a trial, but he chose to return to the country.

Commenting on democracy in Pakistan, the former military ruler said, “We want to impose democracy on every country, but that is not possible since every country has its own problems and it has to mould it as per the circumstances prevailing there.”

“I believe in democracy, but at the same time I believe that democratic rule similar to that in United Kingdom and the United States cannot function in Pakistan,” Musharraf said.

He said no Pakistani would accept Indian hegemony though there was a desire to have cordial relations with that country. “Neither of us is ready to bow down,” he said.