PPP failed miserably to make conditions better in Sindh. With so much happening such as terrorism and the recent threat of a cyclone, the government needs to wake up and deliver. It is either now or never, considering the current turmoil. The recent blunders made by PPP government clearly indicate that they need to develop some political maturity. I would take this opportunity to provide an overview of what the PPP government has done up till now in 7 years.

CM Qaim Ali Shah claimed that the people who died of drinking poisonous alcohol were ‘martyrs.’ I would like to know who gave him the authority to declare anyone a ‘martyr’ or was this just to disguise his negligence? Local and international media is discussing the brutal conditions in Tharparkar, the increase in infant mortality rate, due to starvation is simply undeniable but PPP claims that nothing new has occurred. Well; the question is that if these conditions are not new, why was nothing done to help the people? The Sindh CM comes across as an utter imbecile, saying that this has been happening for years.

The 81 year old seasoned politician has not done much for the uplift of Sindh, except for making 700,000 people beggars, under the BISP, may I ask what else was done? There is need for good governance as Sindh is suffering and if these, ‘long in the tooth’, politicians cannot do anything what can be expected from the new younger generation?


Lahore, November 19.