Sharif brothers’ bad luck is that those who benefit from them ultimately betray them. Tahirul Qadri was an unknown entity, before Mian Sharif patronised him. Later Nawaz Sharif, as chief minister of Punjab, allotted Qadri valuable land in the heart of the city and helped him establish his grand Minhajul Quran structure. Qadri’s rise from a nonentity to recognition was due to the Sharif’s. Allama was to damage the Sharif’s the most and now PML-N’ Senator Zulfiqar Khosa, who appears on various TV channels against the Sharif’s. He claims that they did not give a ticket to his son Dost Khosa. Dost did not get the ticket because he faced a criminal charge of murdering his wife Sapna.

It seems the Khosa’s have settled Sapna’s murder case by paying blood money to her family. With murder charges dropped, Zulifiqar Khosa and son have suddenly popped their heads to malign their party leaders. Senior Khosa should have resigned his senator-ship before assailing his party men. Zulfiqar Khosa claimed that Sapna is living and drives around in a black land cruiser. He will do well to produce her so that his son Dost Khosa comes clean on the murder charge. Senior Khosa claimed, in a TV talk show, that he should not be compared to Jawed Hashmi who changed many parties, while he (Khosa) stood by one party.

How would he explain his son becoming a Naib Nazim, in Dera Ghazi Khan during Pervez Elahi’s government? Moonis Elahi claimed in the assembly that Zulfiqar Khosa met his father time and again to request that his son be appointed as Naib Nazim. A debate between Khosa and Saad Rafiq should be conducted to let the people know the truth.


Lahore, November.