Khadim-i Aala is busy building bridges, metros and Orangeline trains ignoring daily gang-rapes of innocent and even minor girls, self immolation of women after failing to get justice, atrocities at the hands of police, coercion by patwaris and cases of massive corruption that have become ubiquitous product of this government. Crime cases of Model Town, Kasur, Yuhannaabad,

Kot Radha Kishen and hundreds other have seen neither arrests nor punishments. Ayan Ali has become a slap in the face of our judicial system. How long this province and this country can go on like this.

The Parliament has become a Court of Jesters, hardly any sensible news comes out of it. The only interest of the so called honourable members is this that they want to save this totally rotten ‘democracy’ at all costs because this is their means of livelihood.


Lahore, November 15.