Transgenders are referred as ‘third gender’ and there is an estimated population of 500,000. As they are not in large number as males and females so they are considered as sexual minorities despite of the fact that they are born this way and it isn’t their fault.

They have to face many problems since the start of their lives. Their families abandoned them so they seek refuge to the places where other people like them live. Then for making a living and to fulfill the basic needs the required money is earned in disrespectful ways because the doors to employment have been closed for them. They fight for their identity because they are not considered as a part of society.

They are left with no choice except begging. Some of them earn money by dancing on wedding ceremonies but it’s only what we know. The dark side of their lives is that they are physically and sexually assaulted because their voice is not heard. Some of them are forced to prostitution which seems to be the most disrespectful profession or is considered taboo in an honorable society. Harassment is more common. On April 6th, 2015 two members of this community were killed after being abducted and gang-raped by an armed man in Swabi district of KPK.

In 2011, Supreme Court classified their communities officially and the members of community were granted rights to vote and run for office, but the procedure is still limited to the papers and not in practice yet.

This issue needs a consideration by the government of Pakistan to officially grant the rights of the transgender community so they can earn and make living as all other people in the society do and can walk in the society with head held high. There should not be any discrimination in terms of genderism. There should be a confined part for them in the heritage and they should be allowed to employ wherever they want despite of which sexual class they belong to.


Rawalpindi, November 20.