In Syria, the downing of a Russian fighter-jet by the Turkish Air Force has finally pulled off the last mask of hypocrisy from the face of the US-led coalition. I’d say the sincerity and honesty of President Putin has brought out the truth about our world for all to see in black and white. He has blown the cover off the two-faced lying US and its two-faced lying allies and vassals, forcing them to come out and fight in the open. The world can now see more clearly what they stand for: regime change through terrorist proxies.

Russia says its plane was shot over Syria. Even if one were to completely accept the Turkish side of the story, the violation of its airspace was very brief and inconsequential. So why would the Turkish government, that claims to be fighting the terrorist threat as part of the US coalition, take such an extreme measure at a time when Russia is literally decimating a ‘common’ enemy next door? Is it because Turkey is not fighting terrorists but breeding and feeding them, pretty much like we did during the US-engineered Afghan jihad back in the 1980s?

The US, in association with the usual suspects Saudi Arabia and smaller GCC monarchies, has been running the same show in Turkey; the same rackets around the refugees, the recruitment, training, funding and arming, and so on and so forth. If we became a conduit for heroin smuggling to fund the Afghan mujahedin, Turkey is a conduit for smuggled oil from Syrian refineries captured by the ISIS. It has bought into the same suicidal game that nearly killed us.

What makes it more treacherous is the sheer deception of it in the present instance. Back in those days, supporting the so-called mujahedin was the declared official policy of the US and Pakistan both. Now the US and Turkey say they are fighting the terrorists while deploying them to destabilize Syria and topple the Assad regime. Quite like the US and its allies toppled President Gaddafi in Libya not long ago.

The US and its coalition partners say they are fighting the ISIS and all those bad terrorists beheading civilians and they are only sponsoring and supporting the Free Syrian Army and what they call moderate rebels who are fighting for democracy and human rights in Syria and are not so barbaric. In reality, these various brands are all their creations, carefully manipulated to rise and wane in importance to provide material for media spins and played like pieces of chess. They are equally bad and herded around the region from one brand to another without much ado.

One would have thought that with the lawful and forceful involvement of Russia in Syria and the success of its coalition with the Syrian Armed Forces in uprooting the assorted brands of terrorists infiltrating Syrian territory, the US and its allies would make some amendments in their get-Assad game-plan and back off a little from deploying terrorist proxies to achieve their goal in Syria. One would have thought that they’d avoid a direct military confrontation with Russia as that, most people agree, would be the beginning of the Third World War. But we, the inhabitants of planet earth, are not so lucky. That’s where the US would like to take us. War, after all, is its favorite sport.

It’s not just the shooting down of the Russian jet-fighter by Turkey, clearly with the backing of, and even encouragement from, the US.

From dropping 50 tons of ammunition to anti-Assad terrorists at the very beginning of the Russian-led anti-terrorist campaign in Syria to ordering ground troops in Syria to support the ‘moderate’ terrorists, to so many other statements and actions, the US seems to be on an unrepentant aggressive trajectory. Such is the arrogance of the doddering Uncle Sam that after being caught in the middle of murdering Syria, instead of feeling any shame, he would still like to finish the murder and, to top it, punish the policeman who caught him red-handed.

Saudi Arabia and Turkey had been clearly saying it and now the US has also come out in the open. The ouster of Syrian President Assad is the officially declared bottom-line and the foremost objective. The US is as determined to deploy and protect its terrorist proxies as ever.

The diplomacy in Vienna was an eye-wash. There’s nothing such as a dialogue with the US. It is my way or the highway, even when it comes to the European cousins.

Interestingly, President Putin and his brilliant Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov seemed to have made headway in engaging European leaders in a productive dialogue. Since Europe had lately started feeling the heat emanating from the fall-out of the US regime-change policy that it has faithfully subscribed to so far, it was hoped that at least some European leaders would bring a measure of sanity to this total madness.

That the recent cooperation between France and Russia would be strengthened and break the east-west impasse. Are the recent developments of Turkey’s rash action and the immediate involvement of NATO in the matter, designed to scuttle that possibility?

Does it all boil down to sabotaging the Putin-Hollande meeting for today? There are some who think that Hollande is little more than a puppet of the empire and he is being sent to Moscow for the usual good cop-bad cop routine that the US and its European cousins are very good at. Others had hoped that it could lead to some positive results like weaning off EU from the poisonous milk of the US-led policy of sponsoring terrorists to change regimes and building a broad international coalition to fight terrorism under a UN mandate.

Even those that had hoped for something positive to emerge from today’s meeting are saying that after the recent developments, the meeting is unlikely to produce any good news for us, the people who inhabit this planet. They say that the days of diplomacy are over and the next big war is inevitable. As far as I’m concerned, I never lose hope.