The United Nations (UN) during its founding period was limited to those nations that declared war on at least one of the Axis Powers in World War II, and thus were capable of taking a stand up against evil. The modern United Nation has become a pawn in the hand of the world’s only superpower. After the fall of communism, America’s one power one nation theory failed UN miserably. Globalisation has also not worked and nations became the target of terrorism and corruption. Even before the fall of communism, in 1959, John Birch Society declared a campaign: ‘Get US out of the UN’, stating that the UN’s aim was to establish a ‘One World Government’. Since the Vietnam War, the US has been taking advantage of the UN. In recent decades, the US imposed war on Afghanistan, Iraq and other nations, thus killing thousands of innocent people, with support from the UN. In these circumstances, a change is needed for the UN to avoid another world war. This is the right time for reengineering the United. World is now facing a rift amongst EU countries after Brexit and the US also facing crisis due to the election of Donald Trump. EU is now feeling isolated. The Arab world is also facing crisis of war in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Libya. World nations are in crisis due to UN’s bipartisan role. At this time the new Secretary General of the UN will face more crises after joining. World is now more divided after 70 years of the establishment of the United Nations. There is need of a Global Commission on UN powers and current world situation.

In 2004, former ambassador to the UN, Dore Gold, published a book called ‘Tower of Babble: How the United Nations has Fuelled Global Chaos’. The book criticised the organisation’s moral relativism in the face of genocide and terrorism that occurred between the moral clarity of its founding period and the present day. There has been criticism that the five permanent members of the Security Council, which are all nuclear powers, have created an exclusive nuclear club whose powers are unchecked. Unlike the General Assembly, the Security Council does not have true international representation. This has led to accusations that the Security Council only addresses the strategic interests and political motives of the permanent members.

Another important issue is the super veto powers of the Security Council, which the UN must abolish, especially veto powers to Permanent Security Council members, and instead give all powers to the General Assembly, where every nation has equal standing. UN General Assembly can lead and save UN from crisis.

The UN under Ban Ki Moon gave nothing to the world. The US failure in Arab States has created a gap, which has been filled by Daesh, ISIS and other non-state forces. UN was only watching and supporting during all wars inflicted by US on poor developing nations. Syria, Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq are current examples. War in these countries has wreaked havoc on nations and thousands fled to European Union and other countries. The UK’s Brexit is the most recent example that European nations are also facing a crisis due to the migration of thousands of people. The crises across the Arab world have not been resolved, which shows that Ban Ki Moon failed the UN.

The United Nations new secretary general will have to face a rude new American President, a European Union after Brexit, the rise of nationalism in France, Bolivia and other countries and older issues, which UN neglected. Kashmir struggle after martyrdom of Burhan Vani is now at decisive stage. Kashmir is core issue which still pending at table of UN. Ban Ki Moon not addressed this very important issue due to Indian hegemony. New Secretary General can take Kashmir issue as a top priority to save two nuclear nations from another war. India’s regular fight on border and killing of innocent citizens inside Pakistan is creating tension, which is not good for Pakistan, India and other world countries. UN must resolve Kashmir issue without any delay.

What will the new Secretary General in 2017 be able to do? What is Ban Ki Moon leaving behind to be resolved? As per Ban Ki Moon, around 795 million people in world are hungry and facing rampant poverty. Will the new Secretary General achieve the target of zero hunger? Will he or she achieve the targets for a safe world and resolve the migration crisis? According to the current speeches of world leaders during regular General Assembly session held in September 2016, not a single leader has mentioned their priorities about a safer world and to reduce poverty and address the hunger crisis. The efforts of world leaders are required to address poverty, terrorism, migration and relevant issues. At this stage, the UN needs a secretary general who address world issues under the banner of the UN and reform the organisation to be relevant in the world. The UN needs a Security Council where poor nations also sit and raise their issues and the General Assembly gives importance to issues related to poverty, illiteracy, corruption, terrorism and other related issues. Otherwise, the UN will continue to fail the citizens of the world. The greater responsibility lies on the shoulders of the United Nations (UN) and other international bodies to implement laws that will restrict people from such unlawful activities.

Rich countries are spending billions of euros on combating terrorism, but they don’t have enough money for other issues. Current world crisis shows that UN will not achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) signed by almost all member nations of the world. Many people are suffering from hunger, which is sad, especially living in a world where you spend hours surfing the net but find it difficult to feed people around you. I think that the UN has miserably failed to keep the world together. The UN is the only body where almost all nations are members and they are bound to work for the betterment of humanity. Pre and post-cold war periods have shown that the UN strongly needs reforms. I don’t think there is any relevance of the Security Council because of the veto rights by powerful member nations. Syria is under great threat and millions of people have been displaced, but the UN is doing nothing. Indirectly, the cold war powers are now using and abusing the Security Council through veto powers. Still, one billion people are living below the poverty line. Now the refugee crisis is adding numbers in poverty, homelessness and joblessness.

I think the UN is now a powerless body, so there is a need of a new UN where all nations sit together and every nation must have equal powers- no veto and no more superiority. The world now needs a new UN where every nation has the same power. I hope before the UN reaches its 75th year, it will be reformed to make it a body for every nation.