Legislators have acquired unbridled liberty to accuse their opponents with allegations of wrongdoings and corruption for hiding their own misdeeds. Those sitting on the government benches believe themselves to be the symbol of piety and accuse their opponent for all the ills that surfaced from the surfeit of their own behaviour. For example, a couple of months back our defence minister used most contemptuous remarks on the floor of the house against a women legislator of the house. A lady took a strong exception to these insulting remarks and started protesting in the house and was joined by her colleagues. A great fuss was created in the house and speaker had to intervene by removing the indecent words from proceedings of the day to bring clam in the house. Ironically, the same defence minister who used worst of the language against the women legislator, while talking to the media representatives said that if Imran Khan was ousted from politics, it will become serene and civilised. Is it not a joke that a person who himself made mockery of good behaviour in the NA suggested that debarring his opponent from politics will sow the seed of civilisation. 


Islamabad, October 23.