“Illegal aliens have always been a problem in the United States. Ask any Indian.”

–Robert Orben

Best described as a professional comedy writer Robert Orbean correctly asserts through his astute sardonicism that what may be termed as ‘illegal aliens’ can more truly be classified as ‘Native Americans’. However, it is genius to imagine how one imperialising race of British travellers was through decades to not so subtle brainwashing able to convince us of the alien quality of the race and term ‘Native Americans’. They themselves who have coveted the lands of so many a people are now creating a dilemma and crises for immigrants, whereas ironically they themselves are a country of immigrants. Dedicated to and for serving the interests of those very immigrants. Where the helm of Trump’s campaign agenda was based on immigration reform, we see the rising ire of xenophobia and racism take a steady and gradual hold upon the American public and how this state of suspicion is spreading slowly but surely across the western world.