Population Census was held after inordinate delay on the orders of the Supreme Court of Pakistan in March 2017 and now its data is being subjected to all sorts of criticism like half of Karachi population not being counted. 

These objections by some political parties and their leaders inside and outside the Parliament not comprehensible at all. In the first instance it is not possible that as much half of Karachi was left out of the counting process. Secondly, why did not these political elements had bothered to supervise the counting process when it was in progress to ensure none is being left out. 

Chief Census Commissioner has done well by rejecting all allegations against 2017 census results maintaining that the entire population of the respective areas has been counted and the population of no area has been understated either as well. 

According to the reports in the newspapers, the Chief Census Commissioner made this quite categorical statement while appearing before a special committee of the Senate, comprising the whole house, to look into the allegations raised against the 2017 census. 

He is reported to have stated that the entire population of Karachi and Lahore was duly counted according to the respective authorities records of computerized national identity cards and voters lists and emphatically stated there has been nom manipulations in the census results and in particular Karachi population has not been understated either. He further said that the results obtained from the census have also been duly verified by Pakistan Army through statistics obtained by it during the process and there was no difference between the record of the government and the army at all. 

This categorical assertion by the Chief Census Commissioner should better be accepted by all in the larger national interests as population census cannot be held again to satisfy their baseless objections and any inordinate delay on this count will delay the delimitations work for the general election which are and must be held around middle of 2018 on time. If they had failed to perform their duty of supervising the counting process at the it time it was in progress, why they are creating fuss now quite unnecessarily, please. 


Lahore, November 12.