Only yesterday Chief of Army Staff General Qamar Bajwa advised Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi to “deal peacefully” with the trouble creators of Faizabad protests. This tumour of Faizabad has spread beyond Rawalpindi and even the string pullers would not have anticipated such success. No doubt the establishment loving channels are beaming with confidence.

They have every reason to be so. The government has been pushed in to a corner and they cannot seem to find a way out. The strategy of using a religious outfit for 'Dharna' has paid dividends. It is very easy to direct the energies of religious fanatics as they see some form of redemption in running havoc within the state. From their perspective they are 'Ghazis' aspiring to be martyrs.

The Army chief, who normally should be subservient to the prime minister, in this case has given the advice not to be hard with the miscreants. There is something inherently disturbing with this sequence of events and the culminating advice. The army chief does not have the mandate to interfere in such matters. But when it is Pakistan everything is possible.

It was also reported today that the since the government had called Army to protect key sensitive buildings in the capital and deal with the miscreants, the Army refused to be called in giving a rather naïve reason of trying to seek out some clarifications regarding the notification and the scope of their actions. Is it even possible that an institution subservient to the government refuses to follow its constitutional duty? Well in Pakistan it is.

From their point of view, the establishment is absolutely right. They wouldn’t want to take on the Faizabad brigade as this would mean defeating the purpose of this whole activity, wont it? This would mean putting the puppet masters against the puppets. There are feelings involved here. How can the creator turn against the creation? Past suggests otherwise though. We have seen though this through the Taliban which were nurtured and fed by our establishment ended up turning against them. The Deobandi card is no more useful so the Barelvis must be raised to the occasion. They will be the new Deobandis.

Let’s take a deep breath and step back from the current fiasco. Let’s not fool ourselves by thinking that this incident is a standalone incident. It is intertwined with many things including the Dawn leaks to start with and most recently to make an example of Nawaz and his daughter. The issue at hand is not to let the PML-N go to Senate elections because if they do they will gain majorities in both houses of the parliament and will be able to push through some critical legislation which will see to it that army cannot intervene in any political matter. There is nothing wrong in it, well not at least from a civilian point of view. From the establishment point of view, it is a death knell, for some even treason.

As I return home from taking a class at Lahore School of Economics and turn on the news I am not surprised to see that military and civilian leadership agreeing to deal with the protesters "peacefully". It basically means that the military has twisted the arm of the democratic government up to the point of breaking it and made them bite the dust. The establishment has absolutely no right of doing things they are. Eventually they will learn but will it be too late?

I am also disturbed to see the news of hooligans attacking the house of Rana Sanaullah in my hometown of Faisalabad. A good advice to the establishment is that they should never return to fireworks once lit. They have been bitten before by the Taliban which they helped create. The militant Barelvis will suffice the purpose for some time but it will not last.

As I said earlier, there is no political space for Maryam and Nawaz though there is plenty of room for Hamza and Shahbaz. People in PML-N must remember that it is Nawaz that people vote for. Everyone else doesn’t mean anything to the voters. What’s done is done. If the democracy is to survive the political parties need to unite. It was good to see Bilawal vowing to stand with the political forces in this clash of democratic and non-democratic forces. It seems he has learned a few things from his mother as well. She was a visionary. He knows it too well that once the PML-N government collapses; whichever new party wins the next elections will face the same music the PML-N are facing at the moment.

As of the moment the situation clearly means that chief has warned the government not to take action against the baton-yielding, foul mouthing and extremist minded trouble creators at Faizabad.

Looks like Mr Khadim Rizvi has quite a few mureeds in the establishment.