Federal Law Minister Zahid Hamid has clarified his stance on issue of prophethood law. 

In a statement, the minister said that he unconditional faith in finality of prophethood. "I and my family can give their lives for Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)," he asserted. 

Zahid Hamid further clarified that he does not belong to any Ahmedi, Lahori or Qadyani group. "Ahmedis have been called non-Muslims in constitution of Pakistan and I am a complete supporter of this law," he reiterated. 

The religious party holding sit-in at Faizabad has demanded resignation of Zahid Hamid over issue of finality of prophethood in amended Election Act 2017. 

Yesterday, protesters attacked his house in Pasrur near Sialkot. The federal minister and his family were not at home at the time of attack.