Members of the Lahore Bar Association on Saturday boycotted the lower courts and took out a rally on The Mall to condemn the operation against the protesters in Rawalpindi. The lawyers set tyres on fire and blocked traffic before religious groups came out to show their strength at the same place. The Lahore High Court Bar Association, on the other hand, announced general house meeting on Monday (tomorrow) to discuss the situation after the operation against the protesters. Tehreek-e-Labbaik Ya Rasool Allah, a religious-political party, which secured 9,000 votes in the recent by-election in the NA-4 constituency and emerged the third largest political party in the constituency, had announced a sit-in at Faizabad 19 days ago to press for resignation of Federal Law Minister Zahid Hamid and action against all those who made changes to the declaration of finality of prophethood for parliamentarians.  Addressing the participants, lawyers said the government should not have launched an operation against the protesters rather it should have dealt with them politically. Some of the lawyers chanted Labbaik Ya Rasool Allah and said they would support the protesters. They said that Khatam-i-Nabuwwat was the belief of every Muslim. “Why did the government make changes to the declaration? It then confessed and retreated,” said one of the protesters. The lawyers’ rally was there when workers and members of Tehreek Labbaik Pakistan-Al-Almi headed by Ashraf Asif Jalali reached there and blocked the road. Advocate Arif Awan, a lawyer who is also well known in the Barelvi School of Thought, took part in the gathering of Tehreek Labbaik Pakistan-Al-Almi.  –Staff Reporter