KARACHI - The value-added textile export sector’s associations have expressed concern over excessive delays in announcement of procedure for applying Duty Drawback of Taxes (DDT) claims under PM Export Package 2017-18 creating anxiety among value-added textile exporters.

Pakistan Apparel Forum (PAF) Chairman Muhammad Jawed Bilwani, CAPTA Chairman Zubair Motiwala, PHMA Chairman Dr Khurram Anwar Khawaja, PAKSEA Chairman Kamran Chandna and others, in a joint statement, said that the Ministry of Textile Industry vide its notification number 1(42-A)TID/17-TR-II dated October 20, 2017, announced Duty Drawback of Taxes Order 2017-18 relating to the prime minister export package for exporters on export of textile items, but still after lapse of 35 days, procedure for applying DDT claims under revised PM export package 2017-18 has not issued which was to be formulated by the SBP in consultation with the Ministry of Textile Industry, they lamented.

They requested to the prime minister to direct State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) and Ministry of Textile Industry to issue procedure for applying of DDT claim under revised PM export package 2017-18 at the soonest to give confidence the exporters who are battling hard to earn sorely needed foreign exchange for the beloved country owing to stiff competition with regional competing countries as unnecessary delays in announcement of procedure for applying DDT claims creating insecurity among the exporters of value added textile sector.

They further said that billions of rupees against previous Drawback of Local Taxes & Levies (DLTL) Order 2009 since 2011; Incremental DLTL Order 2014-15 since June 2015; Incremental DLTL Order 2015-16 since April 2016; Incremental DLTL Order 2016-17 since April 2017 and DDT under PM export package 2017 of exporters are pending with government causing liquidity problems to the exporters in keeping up their export commitment, which must be released  immediately to streamline cash flow and will lead to enhancement of the exports at the desired target of the government resulting in increase in foreign exchange earnings, generation of new employment opportunities and reduction in trade deficit.

The value-added textile export sector’s associations chairmen appealed to the prime minister to intervene in the matter for implementation of export package otherwise this excessive delays on part of State Bank of Pakistan, Ministry of Textile Industry and Ministry of Finance will ruin the government’s hard efforts to increase the exports; reduce trade gap and to achieve a milestone in export figures.