KASUR - Adulterated milk is being sold in Kasur city and suburban areas as milkmen in addition to water, also add chemical substances to milk so as to thicken it. According to a survey report of The Nation, consumption of adulterated milk has made people, especially children and the elderly ones a victim of various diseases. People have become patients of jaundice and digestive disorders and are forced to visit doctors for the treatment of diseases they have been suffering from. It had been learnt during the survey that 90 percent of milk obtained from cattle is supplied outside Kasur district. Milkmen, therefore, add water and other chemicals i.e. cooking oil, dentonic, urea and hair removing powder to the milk to fulfil demand of the local market. Consumption of such milk , obviously, plays havoc with the public health.
Social circles urged Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif and higher authorities of the Health Department and Punjab Food Authority to take notice of the malpractice. They also demanded stern action against the milkmen, damaging public health.