Major reshuffling of the federal cabinet is in the air for some days. Print and electronic media people are busy in speculating as to who is going out and coming in the federal cabinet and whose portfolios are being changed and entrusted with new ones.

Even Prime Minister Imran Khan has hinted at major cabinet reshuffling recently saying that those ministers who are not delivering one way or the other will either be shown the door or given new portfolios to enable them to show their talent, interest, working capacity and prove their worth and justification for continuously being a member if the federal cabinet.

The prime minister as the chief executive of the country has the right to reshuffle and change his cabinet members as and when he so desires to ensure that problems and issues concerning the people are duly addressed and adequate measures taken at the highest appropriate for the welfare and well-being of the masses across the country.

In this regard, it is sincerely submitted that national institutions like Pakistan National Council of the Arts (PNCA) should be placed under the control of a full-fledged Minister for Culture.The PNCA is presently under the National History and Literary Heritage Division after initially being under the Ministry of Culture. Incumbent Federal Education Minister is holding additional charge of the National History and Literary Heritage Division. His keen interest in the promotion of art and culture in the country can well be judged by the bitter fact that all these months he has not visited the National Art Gallery/ PNCA, both of which are incidentally located in Islamabad , even once to acquaint himself about their working and what is going on there to take adequate measures for preventing the onrushing general decay in the PNCA.