LONDON           -           Former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif will be admitted in the hospital on the advice of a leading interventional cardiology professor. Dr Adnan Khan, Sharif’s physician, said outside the London Bridge Hospital that Professor Simon Redwood of the London Bridge Hospital had recommended hospital admission for the former prime minister to undergo angiogram followed by further intervention. On Monday afternoon, Nawaz visited the hospital with his brother Shehbaz Sharif and son Hussain Nawaz. Dr Adnan, while briefing the media, said that Nawaz was attending the hospital on appointment. He had attended the nearby Guy’s hospital last week for blood tests. Dr Khan said that Professor Simon Redwood is considered as a world authority on cardiac intervention and his recommendations are based on the medical record of Nawaz. Dr Khan further said: “He went through the whole medical history of Nawaz Sharif and has recommended that Mr Sharif requires cardiac intervention. The doctor has gone through all details of recent critical medical issues faced by Mr Sharif. Professor Redwood believes that Mr Sharif should be admitted in the hospital for procedure.” Dr Adnan Khan said that all issues related to Nawaz’ health need to be addressed. He said Nawaz will go for PET scan on Thursday. Meanwhile, former finance minister and Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz leader Ishaq Dar’s condition deteriorated, following which his doctors advised immediate operation to treat his neck and back pain.