Polio is one of the highly infections that cause paralysis, breathing problems and also attack the nervous systems sometimes cause death’s. It is an infectious disease. There are different kinds of polio. They are included spinal polio non paralytic from and paralytic polio. Polio easily spread by person to person.

However, polio mostly affect young children. Most severe are paralysis fever stiff neck nausea and weakness in the muscle groups. In 2019 April vaccinating a total of 37.6 millions children across Pakistan the support to up to 260,000 polio frontline. Polio can be transmitted so easily. Now 45 polio case’s reported in Pakistan so far this year and a few days ago again 4 new cases of polio were reported in Pakistan. However, poor and developing countries may not have access to vaccine polio is still a concern in some areas specially infants and children. About 15 out of every 10,000 adults who got polio and die . according to the report that world health organization have been trying to vaccinate people as possible against polio. Number of cases of polio in the world had decreased by over 19.9 percent to just 1,652 cases.