By calling Kashmiri jihad terrorism and accepting that American missile attacks in Pakistan were carried out with the consent of our government, the rulers have proven yet again that they are nothing but US agents. It is an established fact now that American attack on innocent citizens and Pakistani armed forces were conducted with the blessing of our government even though our Foreign Office was issuing fake condemnations to deceive our own people. Where are the 'intellectuals' who had claimed "if Pakistan becomes a democracy, America would not be able to exert pressure on us because the Parliament would shield us from American aggression"? This democratic government has exposed the charade of democracy in just a few months. This is the reality of our democratic rulers who have gone so far beyond the dictatorial regimes in their betrayal of our people that one is ashamed of our 'democracy'. The people of Pakistan condemn Mr. Zardari's statement about Kashmiri freedom fighters and wish to inform him that we will not allow the Kashmiri struggle to be tainted in such a way nor permit Americans to bomb our citizens. The people have clearly witnessed the ugly face of both democracy and dictatorship and now they want Islam to be implemented through establishment of the Khilafah. -HARRAL JUTT, Lahore, via e-mail, October 11.