The accident in the Swedish College, Karachi, was very unfortunate. I wish for speedy recovery of all those who got injured in the indiscriminate firing between two student groups here. I also feel bad at how all these weapons reached the campus and remained in custody of students before they came in handy for use on the occasion of a clash. Another thing that I can't understand is that how did this crossfire spread so much and so rapidly that we had so many casualties within no time. I mean they usually just fire in the air to create terror before aiming for people directly? Some say this was to be expected after the ban on student unions had been removed. To be a member of a student political organisation is usually a free license to be the scourge of students and teachers alike, possess illegal arms, encroach on campus/public/private property and be a general nuisance for the campus and its environs. Even the police fears these 'student goons'. In the Swedish College incident, for instance, police only took action towards the fag end when many, including a channel reporter and his cameraperson, had fallen due to intense firing. I request the higher authorities to take serious action or worse will follow in the educational institutions of Karachi. -BISMA ABBASI, Karachi, via e-mail, October 12.