The story goes that when Queen Elizabeth II was only a teenager, she came out of her palace one day for a stroll. Seeing the princess in person, a soldier who was standing on duty saluted her by presenting arms. She liked this gesture so much that she passed him four or five times just to make him salute her every time by presenting arms. The princess was at it when Queen Mother saw the poor soldier suffering from palace balcony. She immediately sent somebody to get the princess back. Now when we see four-star generals saluting us, we like the gesture so much that we wish to see them do so time and time again even though they disappear after a while. British left us after Partition but, unfortunately, we still suffer from a complex about the white skin. The minute we see a Gora, it does not matter what his rank/status may be, we are unable to control ourselves and stand up to salute him. I wonder how long will this complex last? -COL (Retd) R.M. AKHTAR, Lahore, Lahore Cantt, October 23.