There is great hue and cry in the country about skyrocketing prices of items of kitchen use. People are forever lamenting non-availability of atta and safe drinking water, long periods of load-shedding of power, periodic load-shedding of gas, deteriorating law and order situation, unavailability of justice and of health care and education especially for the middle classes and poor. But they forget that PPP had never promised these luxuries. It was only roti kapra aur makaan they promised. Roti you are getting freely at Rs 10 a piece, for Kapra you can visit the Lunda Bazar. The makaan you can also get with some difficulty; decrypt single rooms with cracked-up walls and leaky roofs in dirtiest of localities can be had for just Rs 5000 a month, or even less if you compromise your high standards. There was never any promise of clean drinking water or steady electricity supply or control of inflation or a promise of better law and order, availability of justice or provision of education or health. Not for the poor, anyway. But people did cast their votes to make them incharge of the country? So they did. -DR ZAHEER ASGHAR KHAN, Lahore Cantt., via e-mail, October 13.