KARACHI - Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) Pakistan has said on Sunday that the Black Water World-wide aka Xie (Zi) Services was involved in numerous terrorism incidents in Pakistan. This notorious private military company is backed by the United States and India, Liaquat Baloch, JIs central secretary general said in a press conference at JI Karachi office. He said that self-reliance was the sole way to drive Pakistan out of prevailing crisis. He said that economic self-reliance could be attained by practical steps. The leaders of all the political parties should bring back their money they have deposited in the foreign banks accounts and invest here in the country. Reduction in cost of production and non-development expenditure will also help surmount economic problems, he proposed. He said that Pakistan could save up to Rs.100 billions per annum by 2% reduction in the non-development expenditure alone. He said that the rulers should not splurge billions of rupees on their security. By adopting these measures, Pakistan will not need economic assistance under Kerry-Lugar Bill, he asserted. Baloch further said that Pakistan is rich in resources and it is capable to defeat the enemies plots. He said that cost of production might be curtailed by providing gas and electricity. He said an appropriate course of action was needed to sort out the economic problems. JIs representative said that neither Senate was allowed to debate the Kerry-Lugar Bill nor the two houses of Pakistans bicameral parliament were allowed to vote in approval or opposition to the Bill. He said that more than 21.9 million people cast their votes in the referendum that JI held on Friday last and 99% opposed the Enhanced Cooperation with Pakistan Act of the United States that is known as Kerry-Lugar Bill. He said that people also gave their opinion by email and mobiles short message service (sms). He denounced the role of opposition in parliament saying that opposition has not played their due role on Kerry Lugar Act and perform the role of friendly opposition in the Assembly. Mr Baloch demanded the voting on Kerry Lugar Act on the joint session of the parliament and asked the government to withdrawn their decisions to approve the KLA without consultation of parliament and people of Pakistan. Jamaat-e-Islami reiterated its viewpoint that pro-U.S. policy was not in the interest of Pakistan and its people. The JI opposed the military operation saying that this should not be an option against the fellow countrymen.