ISLAMABAD- Pakistan Youth Alliance (PYA) held a candlelit vigil in the memory of the martyrs of twin blasts of International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI) in parking area of Jinnah Super Market here on Sunday. The participants had held placards inscribed with slogans like Terrorism has no religion and we are, if Pakistan is ....... A majority of youth took part in the candlelit vigil and one-minute silence was observer for the martyrs. The youth with their sad faces also offered Fateha for the students who lost their lives in the 20th of October twin attacks at IIUI. Asad Tirmizi, a student and representative of PYA, while condemning the terrorists, said that terrorists had no religion and they had expresses cowardliness by attacking a university. Our country was not established by any terrorist but only by Pakistanis and they would not allow any one to make their countrymen hostages, he added. He criticised the government for failure in protecting the varsity from the terrorists despite alerts from various intelligence agencies. The youngsters vowed to continue protest against terrorism and also against the governments failure to protect the public. No body simply cares and every day Pakistanis are dying in the terrorist attacks. Hasham Ahmed, while addressing the gathering, said that the terrorists couldnt make us hostages to their terror. We would do our best to defend ourselves and to route out terrorism from the society, he said. He was of the view that the attack on students of the IIUI was actually the terrorists attack on the entire youth of the country. The PYA rally walked through the entire marketing while holding the candles in their hands. We are out to protect the country, come along us, was their main slogan during the rally. They also chanted slogans saying, We are to end the extremism, come along us.