India will hold Commonwealth Games at Delhi in 2010. Ahead of the games, it has taken great measures to project Indias image as one of the most hospitable nations in the world. Indian businessmen hope they would clinch hefty business deals from affluent customers from USA and Europe. That is fine but a rather 'colourful measure of their hospitality should be a source of some concern to Pakistan. Media reports say that 'escort agencies are already preparing the list of the A-list Indian and foreign 'workers from the worlds oldest profession. They will be providing 'company to the European and American tourists, as they pay very well. As Delhi would fall short by about 50% in terms of 'escorts once the game rush starts, the rest are proposed to be filled in by 'escorts from other Indian cities as well as 'guest workers of this industry from across the border, Pakistan. ( Are we aware of the threat of AIDS from India? -MUHAMMAD ASAD, Rawalpindi, October 23.