ISLAMABAD (PPI) Vendors continue to carry out their trade on the footpaths in front of weekly bazaars situated in Islamabad causing a great deal of inconvenience to the visitors and motorists. During a PPI visit to Aabpara, Peshawar Morr, and I-9 weekly bazaars on Sunday, it was observed that vendors were selling their merchandise on the footpaths hindering mobility of pedestrians. Absence of proper car parking plazas in these bazaars is another headache for the buyers. One could see people moving their vehicles to and from to find a suitable space to park their vehicles. Fazalur Rehman a visitor to Aabpara weekly bazaar said that the growing trend of encroaching on footpaths and lack of proper car parking plazas in the weekly bazaars was forcing the visitors to make weekly purchases from the open market at comparatively higher rates. Nassema Tahir another visitor said that there were more vendors on the footpaths than in the bazaar, causing inconvenience to the buyers. She said all the footpaths from Lal Masjid to Aabpara bus stop could be seen occupied by the vendors forcing the visitors to snake their way through a mass of stalls to the bazaars. It was duty of the CDA to remove encroachments from footpaths to facilitate the visitors Afzal said Yawar Hussain a visitor to Peshawar Morr bazaar said that the weekly bazaars were of no use to the people because of absence of parking plazas. People from the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad visit these bazaars to make weekly purchases but they feel disenchanted when they dont find a proper parking. Parking off the bazaar premises means running the risk of losing ones vehicle, Rehman said. Meanwhile, vendors selling woollies on the footpaths alleged that the stalls had been allotted to only those people who paid monthly extortions to the authorities concerned. We pay a commission of Rs 200 per day to the authorities to keep our business on the run, and if someone does not pay them action is taken against them, alleged a vendor. On the other hand when contacted an official of Anti-encroachment department of Capital Development Authority (CDA) claimed that they regularly cleared the weekly bazaars and footpaths of encroachments and seize the merchandise but the vendors resumed their business soon after paying fine and clearance of the seized goods.