Taliban, the so-called, self-proclaimed champions of Islam that are so vociferously supported by some of our religious parties have now actually targeted the symbol of Islam, International Islamic University Islamabad. In doing so, they have only exposed themselves. These Godless, barbarians have no connection with and no knowledge of Islam; they are just power-hungry rogues that are being supported by our enemies. They are not Muslims or Pakistanis either, mere mercenaries who are not just attacking and killing the defenders of Pakistan but old men, women and children also. The recent Zahidan bombing has created a rift between Iran and Pakistan. Now we have three hostile countries as our neighbours and China is also not comfortable owing to the Sinkiang problem. There is a danger that our enemies and these terrorists will now create disturbances in Sinkiang or attack the Chinese nationals in Pakistan. That would be the worst of all scenarios for Pakistan. There is an urgent need that government must try its level best to ease off the concerns of Iran and tighten security for the foreigners, especially for the Chinese working in Pakistan. -BILAL SHAHID, Rawalpindi, October 24.