KARACHI - The Directorate of Private Institutions, Sindh, has issued a eight-point security plan to all private schools in the province, keeping in view the threat of terrorism in the educational institutions of the country, while all private and government schools and colleges have been directed to reopen today (Monday). The directorate has formed inspection teams to implement the security plan in the institutions. The decision preparing the plan has been taken just after the twin blasts at Islamic University cafeteria in Islamabad. Talking to The Nation on Sunday, Director Private Institutions, Sindh, Mansoob Siddiqui said that the eight-point security plan had been given to all private schools to protect the institutions from any untoward situation, as all private and government schools will reopen from today. He said, Under the plan all administrations of the schools are directed to issue ID cards to school bus drivers and vendors, and try to avoid setting any mob outside the schools building. The entrance of unknown persons into the premises of any school should be strictly banned. The directorate has also given instructions regarding suicide bombing and earthquake. The managements of institutions are directed to develop contacts with their concerned police officials and town nazim. It is worth mentioning that Sindh government last week has closed down all private and government schools and colleges in the province from October 21 to 24, 2009. The provincial government had taken the decision due to security concerns. ARMS LICENcES TO BE ISSUED TO PRIVATE SCHOOLS On the other hand, Chairman All Private Schools Management Association Sindh (APSMAS), Syed Khalid Shah, on Sunday said that Home Secretary Sindh had agreed to issue arm licenses to private schools organisations so that schools could provide security to their students and staff within the building premises. He advised the school administrations that are willing to get arms license to obtain license from the head office of APSMAS. He claimed that APSMAS had issued eight-point security plan to all private schools, and asked the school managements to depute strong and vigilant guards at the entrance of schools. Schools managements are requested to force students to do not go outside the schools during recess time. School parking area should not be allowed for unknown people, while list of emergency phone numbers should be fixed inside the school, he added.