KARACHI - An important and decisive meeting between the heads of two mainstream political parties of the country, the PPP and PML-N, would be held in Islamabad at Presidency on Monday (today). The fate of present Local Governments (LG) would also be discussed in the meeting of ruling and opposition parties, informed sources disclosed to The Nation on Sunday. Various important current political issues including 17th Amendment, presidential powers, supremacy of parliament, NRO, Kerry-Lugar Bill, Local Government System, operation against Taliban, law and order situation and others will be discussed. Basically, it is the start of reconciliation process between PPP co-chairman Asif Zardari and PML-N head Nawaz Sharif, which would be based on give-and-take policy between the two parties keeping in view the forthcoming political scenario of the country, a political source told The Nation. Political observers in Sindh commented on this important meeting that it would be a good gesture that both heavyweight political forces realised that political confrontation and deadlock-like situation between them would not be better for anyone especially for the democratic system in the country as well as for the ruling party as they are going in defensive position each day due to one and other political, economical and some other crisis which is increasing day by day and affecting the PPP-led federal government. Sources in Sindh said that PML-N also raised the abolishment of current Local Government System as the tenure of this system had already been over and there was no need given it further extension. PML would openly demand from President Asif Zardari to take final decision and made announcement of its abolishment, sources said. The political sources in both the parties admitted that all issues cannot be resolved through holding only one meeting as country is facing number of political and other problems which are very much complicated and demanded comprehensive discussion, commitment and full attention to address and resolve the critical situation. Several other meetings are needed to combat the coming political storm in the country which is heading in a couple of months, they predicted. To appease and satisfy the PML-N and taking support in the forthcoming political problems looming on the PPP government and on President Zardari himself, in the near future at least the fate of the LG system would be decided in the said meeting and PML-N go out rightly for abolishing the system. The PML-N would endorse the decision of appointing the administrators to run the local governments, they observed. What would be the outcome of the meeting between President Asif Zardari and opposition leader Nawaz Sharif, no body knows, as both the parties would use pressure tactics to gain maximum benefits. But one thing is clear that the old strategy of President Zardari, that when crisis deepened he called the meeting for defusing tension and change the direction of the atmosphere and taking some time for his relief would not proved to be much successful this time. Something has to be delivered by him (Zardari) through this meeting to satisfy the Opposition and poor masses of the country.