The Kerry-Lugar Bill was not framed in the tenure of this government; rather it was framed during the Musharraf era. And the political parties and some of our 'intellectuals that are crying hoarse now had no problem with it during the time of a dictator. Why is it a problem now when it is being offered to a democratic government? Everybody knows that most of the conditionalities being imposed now were also there during Musharrafs era. Its all a political game of the politicians to make fool of the people. These politicians have no mercy for people. I have myself witnessed Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khans speech in National Assembly in which he strongly criticized the government on the Benazir Income Support Programme. Ch. Nisar kept telling the government not to make beggars of the people by distributing Rs1000 a month. He apparently does not know what Rs1000 means for a poor family. I know for a fact that Rs90,000 were distributed in nine months among the deserving people I know under the BISP programme. They are waging criticism for the sake of criticism. -ALI, Lahore, October 24.