The white-collar crime is a worldwide phenomenon and very hard to prosecute, which is why it is very difficult to curb. However, in countries having rule of law, state investigators and courts make concerted efforts to eliminate this kind of crime. The only way to fight this cancer is to curb it at the top level where power is concentrated. We need to study the case of American gangster Al Capone who terrorized Chicago in the 1920s, controlling gambling, prostitution and drug trade. He murdered many law officers and those who created any hurdle in his way. In those days, the American judicial system was not as transparent or independent as it is today and Capone had many judges on his payroll too. He was finally prosecuted and sentenced to prison for tax evasion of a few hundred dollars, which is a federal crime and considered to be as serious a crime as conspiring against the state. Pakistan today suffers lawlessness, turmoil and breakdown of all institutions because of the curse of corruption. Our national security and defence capability has been compromised by the corruption that prevails in procurement of armament. Postings of SHOs to lucrative police stations in terms of corruption, are sold to the highest bidder. Organised murder, drug trafficking, smuggling of arms and humans etc, thrives because of corruption that allows them to flourish. Tax evasion deprives the state of funds needed for development, while individuals involved in illegal trade, in full knowledge of the law, live beyond their means, paying negligible taxes. The NRO is a black law, which violates the constitution and is repugnant to laws of Islam too. Those who benefit from corruption have all their assets abroad, where they abide by the law. They consider Pakistan a place where they can plunder and loot, without any fear of accountability. It is this culture that has destroyed our peace and threatens the very integrity of our state. -T. HASSAN, New York, October 22.