The flurry of suicide attacks on private and public installations is being billed by some analysts simply as 'security lapses. I partially agree with this lop-sided assessment of the madness but, in my opinion, the intellectuals of Pakistan are equally responsible for this sorry state of affairs. They have failed in providing an alternative vision to the people of Pakistan. A university President in Islamabad is reported to have urged the government to erect a boundary wall around his campus to thwart future security hazards. His concern is justified and the wall proposed must be built without delay but isnt he supposed to go beyond building concrete walls? If he casts even a cursory glance on history he will find out to his dismay that concrete walls do not necessarily protect the inmates of protected compounds. A new world of ideas, not bricks and stones, was conceived by Allama Iqbal .Our intellectuals need to power renaissance, reformation and enlightenment -all in one -to turn Pakistan into what it is destined to be. Security and administrative measures alone will not save this country. Needless to say that, meanwhile, the security arrangements must be raised to a state of the art level. -AMBASSADOR (Rtd) B. A. MALIK, Islamabad, October 23.