LAHORE - All educational institutions including varsities, colleges and schools in the City will re-open today (Monday) after a 4-day closure that resulted from increased terror threats and security concerns. According to a handout, the Punjab government on Sunday announced to reopen all educational institutions in the province on October 26 (today). However, a spokesman of the Punjab government said that the permission to reopen educational institutions was conditional to necessary security arrangements and the institutions that failed to comply with the conditions laid down by the government in this regard would again be closed. Further to the matter, the Punjab government has also constituted inspection teams at provincial, district and tehsil level for reviewing security arrangements at educational institutions. Meanwhile, the City District Government Lahore (CDGL) has warned administrations of all the schools to install walk through gates, use metal detectors and barricade front and rear gates to avoid any untoward happening. They have also been directed to post security guards at the gates. The EDO Education has cautioned not to allow private buses or wagons for pick-and-drop of students. The schools have also been directed to erect 8 feet high boundary wall for safety purposes. Reports, however, reveal that there are no foolproof arrangements of security at all the educational institutions in the City and the province. Out of total 1,340 schools in the City some 300 have no boundary wall while over 425 degree and intermediate colleges in the province do not have adequate security. Some of the private schools are even charging additional funds in the name of security. They have demanded of the government to deploy armed police at the gates. They say if the government can post policemen at mosques why not they be deputed at schools. However, in wake of threats, the Punjab University (PU) is starting a shuttle bus service from Monday, as private vehicles have been restricted from operating in the Campus area and hostels.