INDIAN Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has termed his meeting with Chinese premier Wen Jiabao 'frank and constructive, adding that there is a need to maintain peace and tranquillity on India-China border, reported NDTV. Addressing a news conference in Thai city of Hua Hin on Sunday, Singh maintained I raised the issue of China building dams in Pakistani Kashmir (Pakistan Occupied Kashmir) with Jiabao. Wen said expert panel will look into it. Singh stressed on the need to have trust and peace with China and told Wen Jiabao that the Dalai Lama is our guest. However, he said There is a complex boundary question that cant be wished away. Later, talking about the Jammu and Kashmir issue, he said that there is a sincere desire to engage all sections of political opinions, adding that he would like Kashmiri groups to engage in dialogue. He said India and China had agreed that all contentious issues should be resolved amicably. (There is a) need to maintain peace on the border pending a settlement of the border issue, Singh said. Boundary problem is a complex issue and cannot be wished away, he added. Meanwhile, India was not in a position to resume bilateral talks with Pakistan unless that country resumes the trial of the main accused persons in the Mumbai attack cases said Indian External Affairs Minister SM Krishna. Addressing a Press conference in Indian city of Mangalore on Sunday, Krishna said the courts in that country have put some obstacles in the process which has put the trial on the back foot and right now there was no condition between the two countries to have a 'fruitful bilateral talks. It was Indias view that the trial of Mumbai attack should start immediately in that country so that India can feel confident about resuming talks with Pakistan. Due to internal problems of Pakistan the process of investigation and delivery of justice has slowed down. Krishna said the foreign minister of that country Qureshi and he had fruitful talks recently and he has given a roadmap to improving India-Pak relations.