RAWALPINDI (APP) - The speed breakers near Gulshan Dadan Khan on both sides of citys busiest Murree road are hampering the smooth flow of traffic. The only plausible reason for installing these road humps, one can think of, is probably to create more inconvenience for the road users by the city fathers sitting in the comforts of their offices. The recent addition of speed breakers on Murree Road, which most of the day and even at night remains choked with long traffic queues has added yet another bottleneck. So bad is their placement that it often results in accidents and traffic jams during peak hours, which sometimes stretch for up to a kilometer. It was reported in the press that a very influential local person who owns a plaza in front of these speed breakers got them installed. These speed breakers are called 'Kamani breakers by the motorists due to their odd shape contrary to cat eyes or other systematic jumps on the roads. There are no traffic signs or boards at these jumps to guide the motorists who are taken all of a sudden on reaching these jumps on both sides of the busy Murree Road. There are jumps and humps near Gulshan Dadan Khan U-turn and Shamsabad Chowk. And the recently installed humps add to the miseries of the vehicle users. These humps only add to disruption in traffic and nothing else. The humps were installed in the pretext of a mosque there but this years the old mosque is opposite to this plaza on other side of the Murree Road where worshippers of its side offer prayers. The officials of Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA), which is responsible for the maintenance of the road, however, say they did not intal the speed breakers. We are not responsible for them. It is the work of TMA, an official of the RDA, requesting anonymity stated. When the officials of TMA (Tehsil Municipal Administration) were asked they said they mainly look after cleanliness of the city and installing speed breakers was simply out of their domain. The shifting of responsibility by one department to the other, shows that RDA was trying to 'cover up an issue due to which thousands of commuters suffer daily. A low ranking official of the RDA said that in a meeting about three months ago a very influential person prevailed upon the RDA bosses to install these speed breakers within a day-night. The very next day of the meeting, the RDA men put up those speed breakers, the official said. Whatever the case may be, in the absence of equal law for all the general public has been made to suffer to satisfy the ego a so-called privileged or influential person. Ask anyone travelling on Murree Road and he will curse the speed breakers, which have considerably increased the travelling time on Rawalpinids busiest artery. I fail to understand their purpose. It only slows down the traffic for no reason, remarked Zahid Ali, who travels daily on Murree Road on his way to office in Islamabad. A number of other people who frequently travel on Murree Road expressed similar views, saying it should be immediately removed as they are more of a traffic hazard than anything else. A few days ago at night, a newcomer to the city travelling at a fairly high speed rammed his car into the rear of a car in front of him, which had slowed down because of speed breaker. It badly damaged the two vehicles and held up the traffic for a considerable time. The road users have urged the authorities to take immediate action to remove these speed breakers.